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Brandon Medical Centers's Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Rejuvenate Your Health – Turn Back The Clock!

We start with a general medical evaluation with Dr. Kilgore performing a physical exam, and blood and urine analysis. Based on these findings a special individualized program is recommended to maintain maximum general health, and slow the aging process thru established scientific methods.
These include a custom exercise program, control cholesterol, or hypertension as required to prevent internal aging, nutritional recommendations, and anti-aging drugs. Dr Kilgore is highly trained in anti aging medicine.

Brandon Medical Center provides Hormonal Therapy for Men and Women to increase Muscle Strength, Mental Alertness, And Sexual Drive & Performance. The physicians and staff at BMC are dedicated to working together with our clients so they can be at their best level of health.

Brandon Medical Center works closely with compounding pharmacies to achieve the optimal results for our patients.

Isn’t it time you looked into Brandon Medical Center’s HRT Therapy? Call us and speak to one our friendly staff members about how our Hormone Replacement Treatments can work you!​

  • MUSCLE – Better Lean Muscle Mass
  • SEXUAL POWER – Increased Sexual Libido
  • CHOLESTEROL – Lowered Cholesterol Levels
  • ENERGY – Increased energy and Stamina
  • BRAIN – Improved Cognitive Function and Ability
  • MOOD – Improved mood and Feeling of Well Being
  • HEART – Protection Against Cardiovascular Disease
  • CONCENTRATION – Improved Focus

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Hormone Replacement Therapy & Bio-Identical Therapy Can Help Both Men & Women

Slow the aging process
Slow Again Process Down.
Be yourhful HRT
Defy The Myths of Age. Be Youthful and Feel Rejuvenated.
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Restore Your Hormone Levels.

Printable Screening Panel

Hormone Replacement Therapy

This is a sample Screening Panel for men which checks the symptoms that may indicate you are a candidate for HRT Therapy. There is a printable version of this form available at the button below which can be used for your own informational purposes or to bring with you for your appointment.

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