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At Pure Skin Med-Spa at Brandon Medical Center our focus is on Enhancing You!

Aesthetics is a medical specialty that focuses on enhancing cosmetic appearance. Pure Skin Med-Spa services focuses on enhancing your cosmetic appearance. Our Pure Skin Med-Spa services can treat conditions such as scars, sagging skin, liver spots, spider veins, wrinkles, excess hair and more.

Our facials include cleaning, exfoliation, steam and massage. We use ZO Skin Care Line as well as Revitalash cosmetics. First, a cleanser will be chosen for your skin type which is used to remove surface impurities. Exfoliation has many types and depending upon which treatment you choose, exfoliation can be Mechanical, Chemical and Physical. Mechanical exfoliation is done by using micro-derm abrasion to exfoliate the skin while hydrating the skin to create a dewy yet soft look, enhancing your natural beauty. Chemical exfoliation is done by using chemicals to remove dead skin cells. As the top layers shed, below reveals a gorgeous complexion of regenerated and rejuvenated skin! Physical exfoliation is the process of manually removing dirt and impurities to cleanse the skin. Physical exfoliation is included in all of our Pure Skin Med-Spa Facials at Brandon Medical Center, from the Refresh Facial to the ZO Facial as well as our Acne Facial.

Brandon Medical Center also provides RF microneedling. This unique treatment stimulates collagen production for impressive and long-lasting results. We also provide Botox Injections and fillers.

Pure Skin Med-Spa also provides dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and unclogs pores as well as gets rid of dirt and “peach fuzz” hair. Derma-planing is different than dermabrasion. This treatment involves gently pulling a blade along your skin to safely clean the skin of dead cells and facial hair. The procedure can help minimize the appearance of acne scars, “crows feet” and wrinkles. Dermaplaning can reveal smoother, firmer and healthier skin.

Brandon Medical Center offers many types of spa services:

radio frequency facial aesthetics

Our Medi-Spa Services & Pricing

Pure Skin Medi-Spa at Brandon Medical Center offers many different options for your specific needs.



Refresh Facial

  • Signature Red Carpet Facial but in half the time!


ZO Facial (1 Hour)

  • Indulge in the Pure Medi-Spa at BMC Signature that includes a targeted double cleansing specific to your skin type, skin analysis, deep pore cleanse with extractions and soothing facial steam. Specific skin type targeted masque and signature massage. Post care toning, moisture and SPF to keep skin looking and feeling youthful.


Dermaplaning Facial

  • Our dermapaning facial is 45 minutes long. The session includes corrective ZO Obagi serums that are customized to your skin type, finishing off with a SPF treatment. Dermaplaning reveals more youthful looking skin by removing dead skin cells gently with no downtime. Safe for all skin types.


Acne Facial (1 Hour)

  • A double cleanse, skin analysis, and deep pore extractions. We then steam and soothe, then move into High Frequency that targets bacteria. After controlling the bacteria that causes acne, we go in with a light chemical peel to help manage any outbreaks or harsh target areas. Once we remove bacteria and manage your acne, we move in with an Oxygen Facial to soothe and accelerate wound healing while killing anymore left over bacteria.


Microneedling (1 Hour)

  • A single session of microneedling is 45 minutes to an hour. The session includes topical numbing cream followed by hylauronic acid and a skin brightening mask. If the package is purchased the session will Include Dermaplaning for each service and an accelerated serum. Microneedling promotes collagen development by tightening the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

$250 Each or 3 Sessions for $700

Hyaluron Pen (30 Minutes)

  • The Hylauron Pen is a non-injectable filler that plumps and hydrates the lips, cheeks, forehead lines and marionets. There is no downtime, no swelling or bruising. The service is very safe way of hydrating and filling in fine lines.

$250 Single vial or 2 vials for $350

Back Facial (1 Hour 15 min)


Additional Waxing Services :

  • Underarms ——–$45
  • Full Legs ———–$80
  • Half Legs ———-$45
  • Stomach Area —$15
  • Full Back Wax —$75
  • Eyebrows ———-$15
  • Lip ———————$10
  • Chin ——————-$20
  • Full Face ———–$35
  • Nostril —————$10
  • Ears ——————-$25

Additional Pure Skin Medi-Spa Add Ons:

Light Treatment LED Therapy – – – —————- – – – $50.00

Dermaplaning – – – ————————————– – – -$50.00

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