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Medical Weight Loss

Brandon Medical Centers Weight-Loss Program is managed by Medical Professionals. We begin with a full health assessment of your medical history. We address all risks and provide you with viable options for your specific situation and goals.

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Glutathione Injections

Glutathione is critical in protecting our immune system. It is produced in every cell and starts to decline with age along with the stress, poor diet, alcohol, lack of exercise, weaker immune system, chronic disease infections and exposure to toxins and taking certain medications.

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Lipotropic Injections

Dissolve Fat Fast! Increase liver function which is primarily involved in the breakdown of fat cells. Safe & Effective Weight Loss injections that accelerate weight loss. We also provide the newly FDA approved Semaglutide weight loss injections.

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Wellness Injections

Wellness injections deliver nutrients directly to your bloodstream. Brandon Medical Center offers popular vitamin injections & More:

  • B12 or B Complex
  • Vitamin D (immunity booster)
  • CO Q10
  • Biotin
  • L-Carnitine
  • NAD+
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IV Therapy

IV therapy is a delivery method for fluids and medication. The fluid contains vitamins and minerals and is delivered via an IV drip or injection into the veins, which allows the therapy to move quickly through your bloodstream.

Brandon Medical Center safely offers 7 different IV therapies including NAD+ IV Therapy.

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Pure Skin Medi-Spa

At Brandon Medical Center all of our facials include cleaning, exfoliation. There are many additional add-ons including Dermaplaning. Additional Aesthetic Services Include:

  • Botox & Fillers
  • Radio Frequency Microneedling Lutronic Genius
  • Microneedling
  • Face Lift
  • Laser Skin Tightening
  • ZO Skin Health
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Personal Training

From Personal Training to Weight Loss Training. Brandon Medical Center offers everything You need get and Keep your new Body. We offer workouts, core strengthening, cardio fitness and Much More. Join Us Today!

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Radio Frequency Treatments

Radio Frequency skin tightening facials use a unique intelligent technology to protect the top layers of the skin while providing real-time results. Unlike some other procedures, the Lutronic Genius helps stimulate your won body into action. Therefore, results may last for years. Results may vary, however some changes are noticeable immediately after the first procedure although 2 to 3 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

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InBody Scanning

In less than 60 seconds, the InBody not only examines the compositions of your body, but also reveals percentage of body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance; components that are key in understanding more about your body.

Brandon Medical Center is your key to Complete Well Being. We do much more than just help you lose weight. We start with a general medical evaluation. Performing a physical exam, and blood and urine analysis. Based on these findings a special individualized program is recommended to maintain maximum general health, and slow the aging process thru established scientific methods.

These include a custom exercise program, control cholesterol, or hypertension as required to prevent internal aging, nutritional recommendations, and anti-aging drugs.

The physicians and staff at BMC are dedicated to working together with our clients so they can be at their best level of health.

Brandon Medical Center works closely with compounding pharmacies to achieve the optimal results for our patients.

Isn’t it time you looked into Brandon Medical Center’s Medical Weight Loss, IV Therapy and Anti-Aging regiments?

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