Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does This Program Cost?

Medical Weight Loss Clinic programs vary for each individual, and are individually based upon each person’s medical profile and goals. Our program is sensibly priced and will fit most anyone’s budget.

What is Included in my first visit for the weight loss program?

Your first visit will include the initial consultation with a medical assistant, an in-depth In-body scan, a B-12 Injection, a weeks worth of our appetite suppressant that we dispense here called Phentermine, and a food list that includes a diet plan for the first three weeks of the program. Additional injections, vitamin supplements and protein line are available for purchase.

How much weight will I lose a week on the weight loss program?

If you follow the program regime, it is entirely possible to lose 8-10 pounds a week especially during the first week. Of course, results may vary.

Do I need an appointment for the weight loss program or injections?

It is always best to schedule an appointment for new patients but we gladly take walk-ins for your convenience.

Are Medical Weight Loss Clinic services or products covered by insurance?

We do not directly accept insurance for our programs. However, if you have a Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account that covers weight loss services, MWLC can help provide you with documentation that will assist you in reimbursement for those types of programs.

Can I use FSA or HSA funds on this weight loss program?

The cost of a weight loss program for treating obesity may be a reimbursable expense under certain FSA and HSA plans, and any plan administrators consider Medical Weight Loss Clinic programs to be an eligible expense if certain conditions are met, and patients may be eligible to receive partial or full reimbursement for the cost of an MWLC program.

The first step for individuals interested in using an FSA or HSA account to pay for MWLC services and products, is to check with their plan administrator. Every individual’s plan differs, and the first step is to check and see if weight loss services and/or products are eligible for reimbursement under their specific plan requirements.

Do I have to see a doctor?

Brandon Medical Centers‘ weight loss clinic offers programs that are medically supervised with doctor visits, and also programs where patients are not required to see a doctor if that better fits the individual.

Do I need a prescription for the B12 or Vitamin Injections?

No. Prescriptions are not necessary for B12 or other wellness injections.

Does this involve pre-packaged meals?

Medical Weight Loss Clinic Programs consist of real grocery store foods (proteins, starches, fruit, vegetables, etc.), incorporating the use of Nutritional Protein Supplements (Bars and Shakes), to maximize your weight loss efficiency.

Once I lose the weight, how do I keep it off?

We offer an array of Vitamin and weight loss injections that are highly beneficial for those who are trying to maintain their weight loss. Weekly weigh ins and checkups are there to ensure you stay on track with your success. Plus if you go off our program, there is no start up fee if you decide to come back!

Do you offer any Personal Training?

Yes, we have a licensed professional personal trainer on staff with sessions available for booking. In keeping with our total body transformation health goals, we recommend taking full advantage of our personal training services to assist you in keeping your new body.

How often can I take the injections?

Our B-12, B-Complex and Vitamin D injections can be taken once a week. While our fat burning/Lipotropic Injections can be taken twice a week.

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What if I cannot/do not want to take the Phentermine?

Our program is designed to not be dependent on the Phentermine, which is why we offer two vitamin supplements that can mimic the effects of the Phentermine for those who wish not to take it.

Do I need a prescription for the weight loss program or IV Therapy?

No, a prescription is not required for any of our injections or IV Therapy. We dispense the Phentermine ourselves so a prescription is not necessary.

Can I reserve the IV Therapy room for a private party or session?

Yes, reserving a room is entirely possible, we can take up to five people for a private event. Call for pricing, availability and any specials we might have!

Do I need an appointment for IV Therapy?

Monday through Friday does require an appointment but we take walk-ins on Saturdays. It is always best to call on Saturdays to make sure we have the availability before arriving for a session.

How should I prepare for my IV Therapy session?

Always make sure you are diligently hydrating at least 48 hours before your appointment to make sure your veins are prepared to absorb all the nutrients from your IV. Also, make sure you’re taking no antihistamines 24 hours prior to your appointment. You may bring a book, headphones and whatever else you may need to relax and enjoy the experience.

Do you have any meal replacements?

We have a line of protein that is only available to be sold in doctors offices that can be used as meal replacements and snacks. It includes protein bars, shakes, chips, wafers etc. We are always adding new items and flavors to our selection!

Do you have any vitamin supplements I can purchase in office?

Yes, we carry Life Extension supplements and offer an array of different vitamins to get you through your day happy and healthy.

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