Medical Weight Loss Services in Brandon, FL

With Dr Kilgore's Specialized Diet combined with a prescription appetite suppressant and vitamin injections you will lose an average of 5-10 pounds a week.

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BMC's Weight Loss Program includes Lipotropic Injections

Increase Your Weight Loss & Energy!​

If diet and exercise aren't achieving your weight loss goals like you hoped Lipotropic Injections can be an excellent way to increase your metabolism! These injections are designed to stimulate liver function and deliver antioxidants that burn fat.

Dr. Kilgore's wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of medical weight loss and dieting goes back many years.

Dr. Kilgore's wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of medical weight loss and dieting goes back many years.

Since 1973 our Dr. Kilgore has advocated a medical weight loss program that has helped many of his clients have a healthy over all life, lose the weight they've been seeking to lose, and improve their outer appearance.

Put Dr. Kilgore's experience creating custom medical weight loss treatment plans including Doc's special diet to work for you!

"In our Medical Weight Loss Program I recommend and prescribe a protein diet but with real foods. After treating patients for over forty years our medical knowledge has greatly increased. It is not so much the fat in food but the carbohydrates and those have to be eliminated.
At Brandon Medical Center we want our patients to lose the weight safely and maintain the weight-loss. By changing the eating and lifestyle habits we work weekly with our patients to achieve their optimal weight-loss goal."

Dr. John Kilgore. Head Phsyician at Brandon Medical Center

The American diet and lifestyle has lead to an obesity epidemic.

It's no secret Americans are getting fatter than ever. Dr. Kilgore's devotion to high quality medical weight loss has helped many people overcome the obstacles of America's poor diets and lifestyle choices.

All that extra weight we Americans are carrying around isn't just unattractive it's also very unhealthy. Extra Weight can cause high blood pressure and cholesterol problems, diabetes; cancers of the colon, breast, kidney, gall bladder, ovaries, pancreas, and other cancers also linked to obesity.

There are a number of health risks related to being overweight. For many years Dr. Kilgore has worked with his patients to lose weight starting with his Cardiology practice. If you could see the fat inside your body wrapped around your heart, your liver, your stomach, your intestines, and your kidneys you would be extremely upset. But all this can change!

You can take the biggest step toward your future health, wellness, and longevity! Losing weight to reach and maintain your Personal Best Weight will not only make you look better in that swimsuit but also feel better, be stronger, and live long.​

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