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You’ve searched for a way to have healthy, smooth skin that is affordable. Are you tired of razor bumps and stubble? This is the right place for you. Brazilian waxing is authentic and comes straight from Brazil.

You may have heard the terms “bikini” and “Brazilian” interchangeably. There are differences. Your Esthetician will explain your options. Most guests say they are happier with professional waxing results than any other temporary options such as shaving, epilation, and hair removal creams. Waxing is not only effective for hair removal but also removes dead skin cells. This means you get both hair removal and skincare in one. Your skin will be smoother after a wax. Waxing removes hairs from the root and exfoliates the skin. Many people find creams and epilation irritating. If done by a licensed professional, however, waxing is rarely a problem. Waxing is a way to remove unwanted hair. It also removes dead skin cells. You’ll find your skin will be smoother after waxing, as you remove hair from the roots and exfoliate the skin. Your hair will become weaker when it grows back after waxing. This can make it more fine, softer, and less dense. Win-win!

What Is Involved in a Brazilian Wax Session?

On the day of your appointment your hair should be at the least 1/4 inch. This will allow the wax to adhere to the hair. Relax. Breathe. Find your happy place. Imagine a basket of kittens. Imagine yourself on a beach sipping Mai Tais. Relaxation is key to a great waxing experience. Talk to your wax specialist about any medication you are taking. These may include topical creams such as Retin-a or antibiotics. Before you wax, do not consume alcohol or caffeine in large quantities. These can make your experience more unpleasant. Yes, seriously.

The wax technician will ask that you get down to your birthday suit below your waist and jump up onto the table. At times your technician can allow bikinis depending on your choice of waxing. The technician will likely ask for your preferences before they do anything. You can let them know if your preference is a bikini, full Brazilian or something else. The tech will then clean the area to make sure the wax sticks to it. After cleaning the area, the tech will apply a pre-wax treatment to protect the skin. This is usually an oil or powder. Next, it’s time to wax! Your technician will use either paper or cloth depending on the wax type to remove your hair. You might use smaller strips to remove hairs around and underneath the anus, while larger strips are used for the pubic bone. The technician will remove any hairs that are missed by the technician using tweezers. They’ll then apply a cream or serum to the area to relieve irritation and prevent ingrown hairs.

Does It Hurt?

Although everyone is different, top magazines and beauty reviews have stated that waxing for hair removal can be painless due to our wax. Your Wax Specialist will also provide some home care tips after your wax. After-wax products are designed to remove bumps, prevent ingrown hairs from happening and nourish your skin. The majority of hair above the skin will be removed by your first bikini wax. They grow in different cycles so hairs that were below the skin’s surface will be removed by your next few waxes. This doesn’t mean it will be painless, however, the first time is usually the worst.

Every subsequent bikini wax will be easier once you have shaved. The next bikini wax you do will feel the same as the first. Itching from shaving between waxes or worse, ingrown hairs can occur. Don’t touch your razor! All hairs should be growing in the exact same way after three to four waxes. This will ensure that you get longer-lasting results. Some bumps can be caused by post wax irritation. They will disappear within a few hours or days.

Benefits Of Brazilian Waxing

The benefits of Brazilian wax include less irritation than shaving. Long lasting. You are good for 3 to 4 weeks after your waxing. Another benefit is that after waxing repeatedly, the hair that regrows will be softer and thinner. This makes subsequent waxing less painful and even more time between sessions. It is important to moisturize your skin between appointments, as dry or brittle hairs can easily fall during a Brazilian wax or bikini service. Let the hairs grow and just let them go. The hairs will be removed at your next booking. It is recommend that you remove any piercings. Your wax specialist will need to remove it if you are unable to. This could leave a few hairs that are too close for comfort.

Pure Skin Medi-Spa looks forward to answering any other questions you may have regarding your Brazilian waxing. You will be very impressed by the results and our Esthetician is very experience and will treat you with the highest care and modesty. Call 813-502-6430 today for an appointment.